Kastelholm castle. Photo Priit Lauri.

ESTONIAN SINFONIETTA celebrtes the 100th anniversary of Åland’s autonomy with international opera production

For the anniversary of Åland’s autonomy composer from Iceland, Karólína Eiríksdóttir wrote an opera „Lisbeta -thou shalt not suffer a witch to live” misogyny and superstition. This is musical celebration in which 17th century women accused of witchcraft take power over the logic of hate rhetoric. For Åland's 100th anniversary of autonomy, we are giving Lisbeta and her sisters in woe a voice through a newly written, modern opera.

A magpie’s laugh echoes across Sund as the parish priest and the new district judge, Nils Psilander, who just came from Dorpat with new books about judgement, rile up the locals to fear the unknown. Soon, seven women will be executed for a new crime: communing with the devil.
Those seven are Lisbeta Skarp from Persnäs, Karin Persdotter from Emkarby, Maria Nilsdotter from Emkarby, Ebba Hindrichszon from Finby, Anna Bengtzdotter from Högbolstad, Ingeborg Olsdotter from Västansunda, Margreta Mårtensdotter from Norrby. Executed for the crimes the men of power dreamed up. Stripped of their rights, feared by their peers, for witchcraft notorious.
In opera participating Åland’s foremost opera singers. Sofie Asplund will play the role of Lisbeta. Philip Björkqvist will carry the role of Judge Psilander. Dan Karlström will be the priest, Kjellinus.Jenny Carlstedt will sing the role of Karin, the woman who was the first victim of the witch hunt. Therese Karlsson will portray the honorable Ebba. As Lisbeta’s husband, Per, we will get to hear Aarne Pelkonen. The most unexpected role as the magpie will be played by accordionist Veli Kujala.
Conductor of the opera is Anna-Maria Helsing.